Volunteerism and community involvement are at the core of eDiaspora’s success. eDiaspora has identified the need individuals have to give back to their community and country of origin, yet lack the proper networks to do so. Through collaborations with other NGOs, Governmental institutions and business in Ethiopia and within the diaspora, eDiaspora will facilitate paths and opportunities in which students and working professionals can volunteer their time and talent towards the unified goal of advancing the interests of our communities worldwide. More>>
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network that will allow for Ethiopians from all backgrounds to connect with one another, grow and possibly learn from each other.
Ethiopian Diaspora Association (eDiaspora) was founded in the State of Virginia in  2008. The organization was conceived by individuals who sought to organize the Ethiopian diaspora to effectively assist in the social and economical development of Ethiopia and Ethiopians throughout the world. eDiaspora is managed by volunteers from various backgrounds who operate using the generous donations from members and sponsors. The mission of eDiaspora is to promote and effectively assist in the development of Ethiopians worldwide by enhancing the meaningful bonds within our communities and to facilitate connections with all Ethiopians.  Build and foster an inclusive Ethiopian community that celebrates the strength of our diversity, culture and roots. Create a network or system that will allow for Ethiopians from all backgrounds to connect with one another, grow and possibly learn from each other.
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To Promote and effectively assist in the economic, social and educational development of Ethiopians worldwide through facilitating meaningful bonds within our communities.  More>>

eDiaspora promotes and organizes cultural, social, educational, and recreational programs which facilitate multiple pathways to increase the richness of our communities and build a way to promote the shared interests within our communities. More>>
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eDiaspora believes that effective modes of networking across the many communities in Ethiopia and within Ethiopian diaspora is essential in forming a unified action based organization.  More>>
Money alone is not a solution to the multidimensional issues that affect  our communities. However, financial strength is necessary in facilitating solutions to the myriad of problems which prevail within our communities. More>>